join my 3-month group mentorship!

Do you feel like you
  • Can't balance work life with home life? Do you need more hours in the day?
  • Can't stay consistent in your workflow?
  • Can't get traction on your already running creative business?
  • Don't have a support system? Or someone who understands the hustle? Where's my girl gang at?
  • Can't stay in your creative zone to make sure you're business is thriving? Are you feeling burn out?
  • Don't know if your portfolio or collections are good enough? Are you needing another opinion or review?
  • Can't get traction on social media? Do you feel like the algorithm is always against you?
Can you imagine...
  • Being able to feel BALANCE in your LIFE and WORK? With a schedule that will KEEP YOU ON TRACK?
  • Living in a Creative Genius Zone so you don't burn out and creating work that STANDS OUT from the crowd all the time?
  • Feeling CONFIDENT in your designs to successfully self-critique and pitch your portfolio to your favorite brands you want to see your designs on?
  • Getting LOTS of SUPPORT from ME Personally and those who are in your industry and understand how hard it is as a business creative and all the hats we wear?
  • Having a Secure business and NOT relying on social media for your business sales? I know you're thinking, "TELL ME MORE!"

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that because I’ve been exactly where you are now and I want to mentor you to help you BREAKTHROUGH to achieve the things you really want in your business and life.

That’s why I can't wait to talk one on one with you and help get the momentum going!
Industry Leader and Mentor
Mindy Young of Indy Bloom Design


Hi! I'm Mindy Young, a Self Made Artist and Surface Pattern Designer who started selling my designs at Spoonflower and grew my business from a hobby to a multi-6- figure income in a few short years. I've created a thriving community of customers who love to keep coming back for more

I currently work as Art Director at Copper Pearl and have first-hand experience to show you what Art Directors look for when looking for artwork to license.

As a designer, I'm making 6 x's what the average surface pattern designer in the industry makes.  I've made a name for myself in the industry for making an income that has been unheard of while doing things MY way (Against industry standards) from home. I'll share all the things I've done, to equip you to find success as an artist too!

I LOVE teaching others how they can find success in their businesses! Teaching and inspiring others are something I have fallen in love with as a business entrepreneur! I have PROVEN that knowing and being BUSINESS SAVVY is why my creative business still continues to THRIVE even though the market is FULL of designers and artists alike.

Here's what you can expect in the 3 month Group Mentorship:

We will meet via zoom at our first 1-1 meeting. Where we can chat about your goals, what's working/not working in your business, and what you expect to get from the mentorship from me. After I speak to all the members, I will be teaching our group according to the needs expressed in our calls for those who are accepted.

The other benefits you will get in my mentorship are:

  • 2 monthly meetings via ZOOM held on The 2nd and 4th MONDAY at 11 AM MST. (Some days may change due to holidays etc.) But plan on that day! The first Monday will be a 2-hour learning session and the 2nd session a 2-hour learning session with a Q&A or a hot seat option at the end.
  • An online library with previously recorded lessons to help you with certain topics. As well as a place to find all our NEW group calls and lessons. They are recorded so if you can't make it to one you can catch up or keep it for reference in the future to rewatch. You will also have access to any slides/pdfs or information on what was taught in the library.
  • An invite to a 3-month Telegram group channel where our group can stay connected and chat in between our meetings for extra support and connection throughout the month. Where I and others in the group will touch base and answer questions and connect with you in between our group meetings.
  • This is a  group mentorship. This means being more intimate and being able to get the most support for your needs possible. Not only from myself, but from the members as well. I will only be accepting people via application to make sure our group will mesh well and be able to lift one another for the best learning experience possible.
  • A Community. You will get access to the SHINE community membership while you're a current member of the mentorship.  As well as a membership to the COMING SOON: BLOOM MEMBERSHIP. Creating friendships that can last a lifetime! Get support from others who GET what we go through as creative entrepreneurs. Find connections in the group and get and give support to and from others. We are here to uplift and inspire each other without competition. 
  • Can I renew to stay longer than 3 months? YES!!! All past members will get access to renew at a discounted price to stay for the rest of the year. 
  • As a SHINE member, you also get access to ALL my products. So you can see how I run things, as well as learn from any other products that I offer like Limitless, Signature Style, and BLOOM.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time and money. Let's get you on a road to success!


Stacie Humpherys

Pine and Feather Studio

"I cannot stress enough how transformative my experience has been with Mindy's mentorship program. As a surface pattern designer, I have always had a passion for designing but lacked the confidence and direction to take my skills to the next level. That all changed when I joined Mindy's small group mentorship program.

Mindy is a brilliant surface pattern designer who is not only talented but also extremely generous with her time and expertise. Her genuine care for each member of the group is palpable and infectious. Mindy has a unique ability to identify and nurture the strengths and passions of each member of the group and has helped me hone in on my signature style and develop the skills I need to succeed in the industry.

Thanks to Mindy's guidance, I have not only identified my ideal customer but have also learned how to design collections that my audience actually wants. Mindy encourages us to be true to ourselves, and not be constrained by industry standards. She has handpicked a group of amazing designers who inspire and challenge me, and from whom I have learned so much.

The mentorship program has given me a sense of community and belonging and has been an essential source of motivation and inspiration. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mindy and be a part of this incredible program. I cannot recommend Mindy's mentorship program enough to any aspiring surface pattern designers out there. It truly is a game-changer!" -- Stacie Humpherys, Pine + Feather Studio



Kristianne Solano

Deer Fiorella Design

"My connection with Mindy first started a couple of years ago when I was in the very beginning stages of my self-taught Surface Pattern Design (SPD) journey. I had already fallen in love with her brand Indy Bloom Design and felt very much aligned with her business approach. I dreamt of achieving similar business goals, but lacked systems and often felt like I was playing a guessing game with how I approached and managed my business.  At the time, I had just been offered a licensing agreement and had a few uncertainties about it. After endless attempts to find answers to my questions, I decided to take a leap of faith and reach out to Mindy for some quick advice that I could trust. I didn’t really expect much back in all honesty, but what I received was overwhelmingly unexpected. I remember receiving a ‘voice message’ from Mindy, yes a voice message! I couldn’t believe it, and was admittedly dancing around my kitchen feeling a little star struck in that moment. She was so generous and encouraging whilst answering ALL of my questions. I felt supported and seen by an industry leader; an experienced designer and a generous teacher; who started from the beginning just like I was. She was completely on her game, transparent and willing to share her knowledge without fear or judgment toward me.. We spoke like two new friends and have done ever since.   When Mindy announced that she was commencing a mentorship I honestly burst into tears with relief and excitement. It could not have come for me at a better time. I was deeply wanting to up my game and also gain some community connection with like minded women. I also felt comfortable to be myself with Mindy. Since joining, I have learnt so much. I have implemented practical business systems to help me achieve my goals and now have a clear vision of where I want to be. The daily one on one mentoring with Mindy and the monthly group calls are an invaluable asset to my business and success as an artist. I am surrounded by like minded women and have gained clarity and support for my business goals. Mindy’s authentic and conversational approach to teaching creates a relaxed, in-depth and flexible learning environment. I am so thrilled to be here!  Thank you Mindy for being a heartfelt and generous teacher."   Ever grateful, 

Kristianne  Artist and Owner of Deer Fiorella Design



Katrin Graff

Kamides Studio

"I had the pleasure of participating in a small group surface pattern design mentorship program led by Mindy Young. The small group setting allowed for personalized attention and feedback. Mindy provided valuable guidance, actionable steps and support throughout the program. From sharing industry insights to providing helpful critiques on our designs. Overall, I would recommend Mindy's mentorship to anyone looking to grow their creative business by taking action and connecting with other designers in the industry. Not only is Mindy a very talented surface pattern designer, but she is also sweet and very passionate about helping others grow."



Amber Jones

Lily Girl Paper

"I am so glad that I didn't hesitate to join Mindy's mentorship program! I originally signed up because I wanted to finally get started in the surface pattern design world. After Mindy reviewed my current business on Etsy where I sell digital templates for busy moms, she helped me realize I still had so much untapped potential there and that it would be a shame not to do a few things to take it to the next level, (like starting that email list I've been putting off for years!). Only a few weeks in and I now have a beautiful new website and an email list that I am launching at this very moment. The education, guidance, inspiration, and encouragement that I have received from both Mindy and the other fabulous women in this group has been crucial to making this happen! And this isn't just my story, I'm watching so many of my peers' businesses blossom as well which is really wonderful! I have never had a group of creative friends like this to share my struggles with and it has been incredibly helpful! I know with the support of this group I will gain the courage to take my business to the next levels. In the next couple of months I'll also be ready to dig into SPD deeper and the path will be so much easier given all the knowledge Mindy has shared with us."  



Jaclyn Ruble

Jaclyn Ruble Design

"Mindy's knowledge about surface design and entrepreneurship combined with her openness makes her a great fit as a mentor! She is so kind and encouraging. Her suggestions and insights can help any designer looking to improve their work and/or better navigate the surface design industry.   She has done a great job in creating a small community of supportive surface designers. I am so lucky to be a part of this mentorship and that Mindy has decided to pursue this journey. I cannot recommend this mentorship enough! If you are looking to have some guidance, gain community, and further develop as a surface designer, I highly recommend this mentorship program."





“Mindy's Mentorship has been so valuable for me and my business. It has given me so much to help me get closer to where I want to be and the confidence and support to keep going forward. The community of like minded people is also so rewarding and a fantastic combination with Mindy's professional advice. It is the perfect safe and inspiring place for any designer and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering. I'm really looking forward to continuing in the program too!”
-De Strange



A business foundation and plan is CRUCIAL for success as an artist.

This Mentorship is exactly what you've been needing in your business and I'm so excited to be offering the knowledge I have to you!

YES! I'm ready to apply already!

From myself and hand-picked peers. You will get help to break through to the next level in your business. We will deep dive into every topic your heart and business desires to give you full support for the future.


If you're not sure what direction you need to go, or you don't have a solid business plan, we will make sure you have direction and a solid path you will thrive on as well as be able to stay accountable to yourself!


As a member, you will get as much as you give from this group. That means all members will show up to uplift and inspire and brainstorm without competition and make lasting relationships. Get access to the NEW BLOOM MEMBERSHIP as well as to a private SHINE Community Membership While you're in the Mentorship.

Online Library

You will get forever access to all our meetings that will be recorded, perfect for referencing in the future when you need them! 

Are you the perfect fit for this Mentorship?

  • I'm looking for self-motivated business creatives who need direction and tools to take it up to the next level in their business.
  • Do you need to be an "EXPERT?" Absolutely not! We ALL are always learning.  I want people who are willing to learn and apply all the things taught. You don't need to have much experience, but some would be helpful! I can't hold your hand forever, but I wanna be your business bestie for life if that works.
  •  I'm looking for those who are DREAMERS. YOU can DO anything you put your mind to. I want BELIEVERS who maybe haven't hit expert, "yet!"  But aspire to get there.
  •  If you haven't felt these things YET, but WANT TO, I still want you to apply too! I can open your mind to being your own cheerleader and empower you to believe in yourself as a business owner!
Let me answer some questions you may have

Enrollment is Currently Closed!


There is a RE-FUNDABLE $50 application fee to apply. You will be refunded if you're not accepted into the group this time. Spots are limited! If you're accepted, your $50 will be applied to your total package price. We'd love to see you apply!

Mindy's Mentoring Guarantee
I'm behind you 100%!

I guarantee that this mentorship is something you're going to love and wish you had joined sooner. Nothing helps more in business than networking and learning new skills continually. You will not be disappointed in the high level of learning and answers at your fingertips. Not to mention the COMMUNITY of support with the friendships you'll make in our personal SHINE group and in the Comming soon, BLOOM Communities.


Results are based on clients' own actions and productivity in their own businesses. As I cannot guarantee your business will work exactly like my results, I can Guarantee you will be happy with the knowledge you will learn and tools you will be given to equip you to find success in your own way in your own business. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the Mentorship, Mindy will talk with you on a case-by-case basis to discuss how to move forward.