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Hello and Welcome!

    I'm Mindy Young, the teacher of The Limitless Course and Designer behind Indy Bloom Design! I'm a fabric and wallpaper designer, a stay at home mom of 4, who has ran a SUCCESSFUL online Design Company from home since 2016! 

I've sold over $1 million in sales in a year with my designs. Due to the large demand I get from others about how I do what I do, I've created this Course to educate you on how YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!  Put your hand painted artwork (UN VECTORIZED) to life selling it on print on demand products! Let me show you how to open up LIMITLESS steams of passive income and how you can finally quit your day job and start working from home like me, while doing your dream job!

My designs have been featured on many  products and sites for large companies like, Copper Pearl, Snuggle Hunny Kids, Minky Couture, LuLuJo Baby, Spoonflower, Hawthorne Supply Co, Carriage House Printery,, Nordstrom, and many more. See more featured on my Instagram 

I love what I do and have found a passion teaching others how to do this too! There is room for YOU TOO. Come take a seat at my table and learn how to put your artwork onto the products you dream about!


Don't like the way vectorizing destroys your original artwork? 

I don't EITHER!!! As an artist, this is so frustrating when your work gets destroyed when vectorized in illustrator! I figured a way to create repeat patterns in Photoshop using my original painted artwork. It stays the way I painted it! No need to vectorize! This course will show you how to: 

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Digitize your art and Create a SEAMLESS repeat pattern using Photoshop and touch a bit in illustrator.

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I'll teach you my way of standing out from the crowd and how I have found my signature style and you can too!

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Live you entrepreneur dreams! I'll teach you just how to run your business from day one like I did!

Print on Demand is where it's at.

Come learn why I haven't licensed my designs with big fabric printing companies and why I chase after all the print on demand companies to sell my designs! 



Work from home, control your schedule, have no deadlines, demands, or contracts with your designs? This is how I've been successful and I'm going to teach you JUST how to do this too!!! 



- A device to watch or listen to course videos

-MOST Current Version of  Photoshop (Older versions will not work)

-Your own finished painted artwork

(I do not teach painting in this course.)

What's inside the course:



Your own Signature Style

Set Yourself Apart

Collection Creation

The Power of a #Hashtag

Digitizing Your Artwork


Using a Scanner

Taking Images of Your artwork

Create a Block pattern using Photoshop

Cleaning up edges in Photoshop

Color Changing in Photoshop

Change background color in Photoshop

Illustrator Vectorizing

What is POD and Passive income?

What is POD

What is Passive Income

My Favorite POD sites to sell on

Digital Printing

Upload and Sell with Spoonflower


Who are you selling to?

Copyright your designs


Buyouts and Contract work

Email list

My favorite business sites and apps

Time Management 

Thank you

Your limitless world





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Membership to a Private Hub (facebook) where I share my on going business tips and tricks. 

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Digital Worksheets to help you succeed! 

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Go at your own pace. Don't feel rushed! You can do this course as fast or as slow as you'd like!


Take your design business to endless possibilities! QUIT your day job and CREATE ONE that gives you FREEDOM of TIME! My course will show you exactly how to set your business up for success!


Testimonials from other's who have taken this course!

Sarah Taylor

“Taking Mindy’s Limitless Course has been one of the best decisions I have made! As a painter, I love that she teaches how to create patterns without compromising the beautiful textures, blending, and color that only paint can do

I’m also a stay-at-home mom with limited time so learning how to set up a shop with a print-on-demand company without having to jump through hoops to license designs has been a game-changer for me!  

Mindy's course is clear, encouraging, beautiful, and gives practical step-by-step guidelines for everything you need to know from designing to the business side of things. I recently finished my first three collections and have started selling my designs on Spoonflower! 

I’m so thankful for Mindy’s generosity and willingness to share her success secrets and her course is 100% worth it!”

-Sarah Taylor


Clips from the course comments...

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✓ You have wanted to learn how to digitize your artwork for print un vectorized just the way you painted it.

✓ You want to learn a fast way to create a block pattern in photoshop that will blow your mind.

✓ You want to learn MORE about running a pattern design business.

✓ You want to learn how to maximize a passive income and free up your time for more creating!


❌  You currently don't know how to paint or do art of any kind.  (This is specifically for artists who paint and want to learn more about how to sell product with your designs on them!)

❌  You enjoy working long hours.

❌  If you enjoy working for someone else and never dream of being an entrepreneur!

Let's do this! 

Come join all the rest who've learned from this course! Learn how to digitize your artwork, create seamless patterns un vectorized, sell on Print on Demand, and run a successful business from home! This course will open your mind to Passive income, the option to WORK from HOME and FREE up YOUR TIME to do the things YOU LOVE. 

Limitless Course


  • Unlimited Access to a full video library.
  • Access to Limitless Facebook Group
  • Worksheets to help you on your business journey

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